Kalhyttans ski center and entertainment area is located in direct connection to Filipstadsportby.

Kalhyttans recreation area, with its custom-designed and compact trail system one of the leading centers for cross-country skiing, mountain biking, orienteering and sled dog races. There have been in total ten completed Swedish championships in skiing, as well as national and international competitions. We currently have one among the largest youth events in Sweden, the Milko race with over 700 runners. Total area are 40 km of trails that are used during the winter. Summertime has been arranged SM in trail running, orienteering and sled dog race.

The recreation organizations that are most affected by Kalhyttans recreation area is an alliance of Filipstads Ski Association, Filipstads Orienteering Club. Bicycle Club Philip, Filipstads Brukshundsklubb tension section, Outdoor Life and Health Promotion in Värmland.

Kalhyttans recreation has become increasingly important for exercise and health projects in which preventive health care is an important part of the development of Kalhyttan.


A new service building for locker and shower facilities are built. The service building also houses facilities that enable meetings focused on collaboration and innovation, testing, and provide complementary services, wellness and health.

The existing artificial snow course has been developed, with partly new web stretching. New technology with energy-efficient, more effective and environmentally certified products. A plant with a weather station and fully-automated snowmaking machine as shorter construction time squirts up area. The course is four kilometers, which also includes ski playground which is a key part to carry on the ski schools. For investment includes a new lighting for the track.