Kalhyttan in Filipstad is the perfect place for your vacation both winter and summertime.

Kalhyttan located on the outskirts of Filipstads urban area, beautifully situated between Färnsjön and large woods in the west. The land around the lake is open farmland, with an old-fashioned rural character. Here are several of the city’s main recreation facilities, such as the football, motocross tracks, lake with swimming and fishing and a ski stadium which is one of Sweden’s most modern. The ski stadium can be used both for summer and winter activities. The ski center has several kilometers of tracks and ski trails. They organizes a Wasa Race Training every year with professional instructors.

During the summer, the trails are used for running, Nordic walking and walking. In winter the tracks are prepared for cross country skiing. The facility consists of electricity lighted tracks in winter courses which partially prepared with the help of snow cannons. There is also a landscaped ski playground.

You are able to choose the site that you think suit you best, closest to the lake or the ski trail. All plots are directly adjacent to the ski tracks so you can ski all the way to the house. Kalhyttan has good development opportunities for expansion of facilities for outdoor recreation and tourism.

With a house on Filipstadsportby you have opportunities for an active and healthy life. The house is a good investment for your economy but also for your health with the closeness to nature, forest and land. With the most modern ski center is so close that you can ski all the way to the house. A lovely clear lake for fishing and swimming. With rental service gets the house available for guests all over the world as you wish. Renting out the house makes the house self-financed.