Is a plot or a house of interest to you? Then contact us so we can tell you more. We are especially proud of being able to offer a complete rental service where you can easily publish your house. We are also able to offer and convey hosts to your house that receives and leaves of the guests. Thus you need not itself be available for this, which is especially interesting if the owner does not live in the community. We are also developing our networking in the tourism industry so that other players can offer added value in the form of luxurious, modern accommodation. We can see that customers today are demanding accommodation that is considered standard equipment. Our house on Kalhyttan is prestigious to have as a permanent residence or holiday living, the choice is yours.

Investing in a house can in principle be entirely self-financing, in that the houses can be connected to the international bokningswebsidan We have several houses that are 100% self-funded through this concept in other locations. Better pension or return on saving money is hard to find.

The concept Filipstadsportby

Owning a house on Kalhyttan allows you to enjoy a modern house anytime you want. The houses are sought after and can be connected to our booking service where the houses will be published in the international market. The houses may jointly owned by several parties, if desired. It’s easy to book a reservation of ownership in which the owner can enjoy the house and its surroundings

Buying a plot >>>

For those who wish, it is possible to just buy the plot and build himself a house. There are many sites to choose from and it is good to reserve a plot already. You see the plot number in the local plan to the left. The cost of the plot included the connection of electricity, water and drainage. You have the option to purchase the land and the house as a private individual or as a company. If interested, we can transform an empty house with a company (corporation or partnership) where it is possible to buy the company. If you intend to rent out their house, this can be an attractive option

Buy plot & house >>>

We have three standard design of the house, you will always find the latest information on our website, The houses can be purchased fully furnished and equipped, or if you want to choose what is included so you just have to choose from our catalog or to make their own choice. The houses are modern and well insulated for cost-effective heating. You can ask for the drawings so we can send these to you. If you believe that the house needs to be adapted to your needs, so you get to talk directly with our architect

Renting out the house >>>

Many of our customers have realized that it is cost effective to rent out the house when it is not used for personal use. Abooking is a rental service that is well established in the market. The service makes it easy to rent out and publishing houses. The system is easy to handle and home owners can choose pricing and periods when the house will be available. Abooking automatically handles booking confirmations and agreements. Customer pays directly to the homeowner’s account.

Funding >>>

Financing can be done through our contacts but we recommend that funding be handled by your own bank. By renting the house, it becomes virtually self-financed. On our website you can find more information on costs and how they can be financed. We may also disclose more as more information regarding the rental and calculations that can be an asset at a discussion on financing with the bank. We have many examples of other successful projects.

Funding Calculation

You can with the below excel sheets easily figure out what costs you would have if you buy a house on Kalhyttan which is connected to The calculations in the calculator is only approximate, but it is a tool that you can experiment with the numbers. Download calculation sheet here.

Are you interested in a house

Are you interested in one of our houses or to build a house with your own architect or contractor, you are of course welcome

The houses we build customized according to customer needs. The size of the houses may vary.

The houses are of varying sizes and can be built based on your needs and t preferences. One example is a ready-built house that is available for sale, it is 72 square meters and has a spacious kitchen / living area where you can cook together for good food and enjoy together. There are two bedrooms and a loft. Another example is an offer that applies to the year 2014, is a house of 50 sqm (incl. Plot), with insulated siding, but without interior for 799 000: -. Add interior walls, tiled bathroom and full kitchen with appliances for 995 000: –

The house is modern and fully equipped. The house is a bubbelspa where friends can sit in summer and winter and enjoy. If you prefer to base, there is a sauna in the combined storage.

There will be more houses for sale. The houses can be sold fully furnished, corresponding pictures to the left or without furniture. It is you that buyers who choose which option suits you best. If you are interested please contact us for more information


  • Individuals value their leisure more and more and want to get a vacation closer to nature in the form of experiences
  • The entertainment industry is constantly evolving
  • Our holiday with a high standard offers opportunities for tourists to get a quality accommodation close to the lake and ski slope at a reasonable cost
  • Filipstad sports village is a tourist resort with many opportunities to nearby activities and experiences
  • Kalhyttan Ski Center will contribute to the demand when the new multi-purpose arena is completed in 2012
  • Natures with forests and lakes but also near to Filipstad and Karlstad
  • Few or no other facilities in the immediate area have the opportunity to give guests the accommodation experience that Filipstad sports village can offer
  • The project team has extensive experience in this type activity
  • The plant built based on demand and market trends.
  • The plant has no permanent staff, which reduces costs. Costs for personnel resources are available only in connection with the needs of the then revenue funded.