Kalhyttan is an ideal holiday destination both in summer and in winter, it is very popular to book our houses on Kalhyttan and there is great interest among skiers and people who like to fish, pick berries and just enjoy the quiet and beautiful scenery.

Our first house was completed in 2011, here are some pictures and book accommodation at interest.

Our second house owned by a Dutch family who rent out their house when they are not in the paradise.

House No.3 is under construction and this is also bought by a Dutch family. This house is expected to be ready for the winter season 2015 and becomes reservation offense.

Our fourth house is being built and is expected to be completed 2015, the house will be available for sale but also for rent. You are welcome to prospective owners or as a guest.

Filipstadsportby also have plots for sale for the price of 300,000 SEK and that includes a path to the property line, water, sewer and electricity.

Would you be interested in a finished house of 50 sqm, with insulated siding so you can get it at the price of 799.000 SEK

We have an offer on a finished house of 50 sqm, with insulated walls, tiled bathroom, bedroom and kitchen with all appliances for only 999,000 SEK

We at Filipstadsportby seeking ambassadors who can help us with marketing, if you feel that this would be the perfect job for you then please contact John Wintherbo on 076-2007717 or send an email to, for more information.