John Wintherbo and Roger Olofsson is the entrepreneurs who made Filipstadsportby possible. We want people to get an opportunity to get out in the beautiful Swedish countryside and discover the delights available. The houses are modern furnished and should feel luxurious. Just because you live in a cottage village there need not be spartan.

On Kalhyttan Filipstad we build a number of houses for rent, but also for sale.

There have been a great interest in our houses on Kalhyttan from buyers from Sweden but also from Norway, Denmark and Germany. We have worked for many years with the rental marketing in Europe. We have had a great appreciation for our commitment to a modern tourist resort with modern and luxurious houses. This is the first of its kind in Sweden where we decided to go for something better, houses that has everything you could ever want with your friends or just together with someone you care about.

All the houses have a relaxing jacuzzi and a sauna. A roomy storage allows you to store what you do not want in the house, why not ski, canoe or drive snowmobile. Everyone should be able to have access to a luxury cottage near the fishing and sporting activities.

Filipstad sports village is a modern tourist facility designed for families and groups who want to spend their holidays or leisure in comfortable accommodation in a natural area with opportunities for activities in forest, land, sea, but also activities in nearby towns.

We look forward to guests and speculators. You are all welcome to contact us.

John Wintherbo

076-20 07 717

Roger Olofsson

0735-06 11 09